The deadline for Symposia submissions is February 28th, 2015 March 31st, 2015

The deadline for Oral and Poster submission is February 28th, 2015 March 31st, 2015





1. Download here the format to submit your proposal.

2. Enter the information required in the format.

3. Send the file with your proposal to submissions@gladet.org.mx



If you have questions or need more information please send an e-mail to: paceves@gladet.org.mx


Authors will be notified (via email) about the Scientific Committee’s decision.


Please note that the Congress Organizers cannot guarantee the inclusion of abstracts in the Final Program of those authors that have not registered and paid before June 15th, 2015.


The congress will operate a ‘one delegate one presentation’ policy to ensure a maximum number of speakers are able to present their papers. Please bear this in mind when organising symposia with colleagues as this will help smooth planning and avoid disappointments later.





The symposium is designed to focus particular topic for presentation. A minimum of three and a maximum of four speakers will be required for each symposium.

A total of one and a half hours will be allotted for each symposium so that each speaker will have 20 minutes for their presentation. The remaining time will be open to the floor for comments, questions, and discussion.

The symposium topic can be proposed by  congress officers, the Board of Directors, representatives of affiliated asociations, members of the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee may accept individual proposals for participation in relevant symposium topics if there is room for them to be included.


It will be composed of several panel members to discuss certain subjects, allowing for the participation of colleagues from the floor.

Poster presentation

All posters must display the results of empirical studies or projects related to the general theme of the conference: Global Challenges and Cultural Psychiatry, and shall contain the following information: title, authors, institution affiliation, objectives, background, methods, (partial or final) results, conclusions and references in the APA format (all information must be referenced in the summary submitted). The size and format of the poster should be: Font size to 30 points or more the headers and  24 points or more for the text. The poster size must be 80 x 120 cm.

Plenary session

As defined by the term of “plenary,”it refers to the program in which all attendants to the Congress can participate in the same session. The contents of the presentation must relate to the main theme of the Congress or specific issues related to it. The time allotted for this session will be 90 minutes.

Special session

Very similar to the Plenary Session, but two special sessions can be held simultaneously.

The speaker(s) for the Special Session(s) will be invited by the Congress officers. The Special Session(s) will feature 3 to 4 speakers, allocating about 20 minutes for each presenters and leavig remaining time open for discussion.